The do family buys a duck farm with uncles that have came from America who also came from Vietnam as refugees they came to Australia to make a fortune from this duck farm they soon realised that they need dogs to look after the ducks from the fox's so they went and bought 7 dogs, they accidentally bought duck feed that was off and they ended killing all their ducks.


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Key Quote

Chapter 4: Quote

“Mum and Dad went back to scrounging out living sewing clothes in our living room.”

Anh’s family had edged their way out of relying on petty sowing to make a living, into the new business of duck egg farming. The family, including Anh’s father Tam, were thrilled. Anh’s father was lost in excitement and decided to purchase some cheap roadside feed for the ducks. He had purchased one to test if it was alright for the ducks. The ducks were fine. Over joyed he returned and bought a dozen. He had fed the ducks only to awake the next morning and find all of the ducks dead.  The good feed was just a lucky batch. Anh’s father fell into disarray and began drinking, blaming himself for the incident. The family soon had to go back to the cheap sewing they so desperately tried to escape.

A theme explored in the chapter is self-growth.  This chapter tells of the demise of some of the Do’s pets and the reaction the different family members have to each event. The deaths of the animals all cause the growth of each of the characters.

The death of Anh’s dog changes Anh and brings him to the realisation that he and the rest of his family aren’t as invincible as he once thought. It also brings all the other deaths he has experienced in life to realisation and causes Anh to finally see the world as the dangerous placeit is, regardless of what his father would have him believe. The ducks’ death showed that Anh’s father was not as strong as he once was. His bravado was but an act and he cannot accept his own failure

Anh gains a new sense of identity as he realises he is just another vulnerable member of society. He begins to see the bigger picture and realises the true hardship of society in Australia… Grief.

By Brayden Tate

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