At the start of chapter two, the Dos and their extended family had saved their money and sold all of their possessions to buy a boat with which they will were leaving Vietnam with. As the 40 or so Vietnamese refugees made their way across the boarder between Vietnam and international waters, they are chased by a communist boat. Thankfully, it turns back just as the second smaller engine of the boat broke. The boat is hot, sticky and desperate. Anh's mum has him and his younger brother, Khoa, under an arm each. Both crying their little heads off.On the second day, a big wave descends upon the ship. Tam sends Hien along with the other women and children below deck to escape the wave. Hien sings her sons a lullaby as she prays for her husband's safety. After it passed, a seventeen year old boy jumps off of the boat and disappears. A few days later, the boat is attacked by pirates. They steal all the money, food, jewelry and the second engine. They didn't, however, see the first broken engine. Tam fixes it and he continues on his way with 39 shaken up and upset refugees. They get attacked again by pirates, this time with nothing left. One of the women, Huong, were taken onto the other boat and a golden bar is found in Khoa;s nappy. Angry that the refugees lied to him, the pirate goes to throw Khoa off of the boat. Tam riles up the 37 refugees left and gets them to fight for the life of Huong and Khoa. As the pirates leave, returning Khoa to Hien and Huong to the boat, a small pirate throws them a gallon of water. With the first engine taken, the refugees drift hopelessly. But finally they are saved by some German men.


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